Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting Minutes April 25, 2019

9:30am-12pm, Thursday, April 25, 2019
Edgecreek Properties-Janet & Steve Funk
4873 S. Wolf Lodge Creek Rd., Coeur d’Alene, ID

1. Call to Order
President Sean Hammond called the meeting to order at 9:30a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:
Sean Hammond, ITFC Chairman/ Tree Farmer
Kurt Koetter, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Steve Funk, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Janet Funk, ILRCC/Tree Farmer
Colleen Meek, ITFC Administrator
Madeline David, ITF Incoming Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Kirk David, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Outgoing Treasurer/IDL
Mary Fritz, IDL/ITFC Certification Chair/IDL
John Lillehaug, ITFC District 3 Chair/ All About Forestry
Chris Schnepf, UI
Diane Partridge, IDL
Angela Wells, AFF-ATFS Western Region Manager
Marcus Smith. IFOA/Tree Farmer

2. Anti-Trust Statement
The Anti-Trust Statement was referred to at this time.

3. Q1 2019 Meeting Minutes-Approval-Committee
Sean asked if there’s any correction to the 1st Quarter Meeting Minutes. Kurt Koetter moved we accept as read. Steve Funk Seconded the Motion, with voice vote, the motion passed.

4. Q1 2019 Treasure Report-File for Review-Committee
Madeline David presented the Treasurer’s Report Program Funding year to April 24, 2019. Cash balance is currently $43,745.36. Income as of April 24, 2019 is 15,096.49. Total expenses as of April 24, 2019, $4,450.32. ITFC received a check from NLC Support for travel expenses and a check for Annual Program Funding. Mary Fritz moved we file the Treasurer’s report for review. John Lillehaug seconded the motion. With a voice vote the motion passed.

5. 2019 Budget Review-Treasurer
Treasurer Madeline David presented the budget update. Madeline said, there probably won’t be any expenses at the present for the accountant since Madeline completed the tax form for the IRS. Therefore the $750 will stay in the budget. As it gets closer to October it was suggested the ITFC look into a different web server and one that provides IT help as well. Diane Partridge suggest that ITFC also start an account on Facebook. Facebook could bring another generation and another outlook for ITF. Constant contact is also associated with Facebook. ITF committee did vote on sponsoring a teacher on Teacher’s tour plus give PLT monies. PLT does need to ask for a donation with a written letter. Budget is being reviewed and letting everyone know where the budget is at therefore it does not need to be approved.

6. Communications Report-Erin Bradetich
Communication Chair, Erin Bradetich, was not present. There was no communication report. It was suggested that our newsletters have more information regarding Wildlife, what you can do for seedlings, how to get better success on the land. There is a lot of technology out on the websites for different land issues. UI extension does have a lot of information on different issues on the land. Madeline David reported that 28-30 percent are only opening the newsletters on line but not one person is actually reading the newsletters out of 300 emails sent out. It’s needed to be looked into why there’s problems with constant contact with the newsletters. It was suggested that Erin needs to address the issues.

7. Old Business
a. 2019 ATFS FLY-IN, Washington, D.C.- Marcus Smith
Marcus will have meetings on Tuesday, with AFF Representatives, Chief of Forest Service to talk about Restoration on Private, State, and Federal Lands, needs to maintain the forests. Wednesday, Marcus will have meetings with District #1 and 2nd District Representative Simpson, Junior Senator Risch and Senior Senator Crapo. Marcus wanted to know what would the Tree Farm Committee like to see being discussed. Sean Hammond said, like to see IDL maintain control over water ways, funding issues. Committee would like to see more forest practice in the state, how to improve forest industry marketing far as private landowners, issues with transportation, and wildfires. Ask if there’s any help as timber landowner as a business, right off. Timber landowners are not getting substantiable return due to the timber market. One of the biggest issues is cost sharing. Like to see how to improve private land owners need to be part of the share stewardship. Maybe there is a need to form Coops. Landowners want to be treated equally, with state and federal. Private Landowner maintain work demand & supply is the message. Landowners need to maintain their incentives while transition is happening. It was suggested taking literature from IFOA and ITF.

b. 2019 Tree Farm Annual Meetings, Moscow: After Action Review – Committee
Annual Meeting is always on the last Monday in March. It was appreciated that the social hour was all together. It was believed there was a lot more than 60, could have been around 100. The people liked the format. It was appreciated the college kids came to talk, the next generation. Registration fee is mostly the cost of the meal, people are welcome to just listen. Always looking for a different facility location, but there needs a building big enough for around 300 or more plus have a motel in area to accommodate enough people that’s at the event. The location should be a central location.

c. 2019 NLC – Louisville, KY: Report – J. Lillehaug/E. Bradetich
Per John Lillehaug, it was interesting but more for the younger generation, more tree farm information in the older days. The new concept for younger American organization. There was a lot of break off sessions, hard to figure which one to go, trying to get more on Landscape. Most of the states assess landowners. Idaho is lucky to have IFG’s incentive support. John said, it was amazing the number people at the event. The tours were excellent, The Kentucky Churchill Downs and Bourbon Tour. The last day John was there they had a big storm 1 to 3 inches of snow. It was asked, Idaho’s point of view should someone go to represent every year. Yes, there should be someone to represent Idaho. There was more emphasis on new blood in leadership role. Talked about change but really didn’t explain. There’s not a lot of 30-year old’s in tree farm. There a need to be more background about tree farm to the younger generation.

d. 2019 ATFS Idaho State Tree Farm Program Assessment – Mary Fritz
Per Mary, Foresters are doing a great job, everything is here and will be submitted today. Main audit is June 10th but will be doing drive run with driving schedule, May 13th to the 20 tree farms in Silver Valley, St Maries, McCall, Kamiah areas, the main concern is drivers. Mary asked what is she allowed to spend, lunch, snacks and what? Some of the rigs are older and not so dependable, can rent rigs? She will have couple of rigs but might need more. Angela Wells said, the money is for lunch, snacks, rental of cars. Per Kirk David you probably won’t ever need to have a landowner drive the group (because they will be on-site when the assessment team arrives!). Rental vans probably run around $200 a day. The inspectors have contacted the landowners. The management plans are all current. They’re all updated to the 2015-2020 standards. All of the landowner did new inspections except 3 that were current. Angela was asked, if she knew what Jim likes to target if any specific items? She didn’t know anything specific. Talked about FORI Last inspections were 5 years ago, but Jim didn’t emphasize on anything specific. Kirk David explained that each audit is allowed to count as an inspection, so Inspectors should fill out a 004 form to get updated inspection credit for that date! Majority of all Idaho inspections are in District 1.

e. Inspections for 2019
John – is done with requires and has 2 optional
Mary Fritz is proxy for Andy- Andy had listed 19 but actually there’s only 14 requires left and 35 optional. There are 3 more new inspectors.
Tim Schaffer was absent due to sickness – left to be done is 1, optional 8 and 2 Pioneers
How many inspections are cross overs with the requires and the audits? There are 3.

8. New Business
a. Angela Wells of Montana – ATFS Regional Manager for Western Regional
Angela introduced herself as the new ATFS Regional Manager for the Western Regional. Angela let everyone know about herself and family. ATF did assessment in 2018, 1. Western Representation-state program. 2. Gap between ATF and tree farm/conservation. 3. Grow Impact-Strength committee, develop new projects. How to make program better, transition the tree farm, grow and strengthen the program. There is no conservation program in the State of Idaho, Mary and Angela will discuss at their luncheon meeting. Angela has grown up on tree farm, therefore it’s very important to her. What grow and impact means, strengthen the state ability of resources, Madeline discussed that the Idaho Program needs to shrink not get larger. Kirk David mentioned ATFS’s change in emphasis over the years from quality (ATFS 50th Anniversary announcement) to quantity (ATFS 75th Anniversary). How many don’t meet certification anymore? Colleen Meek offered to make a list that are not certified for the 2015-2020 standards. Angela would like to follow up with Nationals on the survey. Angela said, please use her as resource to strengthen the program. National has financial support means of new resources. Marketing Outreach is very specialized to bring more member to services that already that exists. Huge portion of the operating budgets come from outside support and grants. Mary wanted everyone to be aware that she will bring back what her and Angela discussed. Sean spoke about that a lot of the inspectors and like himself can’t give up their time or their job to volunteer to do a lot of inspections.

b. PLT Report-Mary Fritz
Per Mary upcoming May through July there will be 8 workshops. The Teachers tours will be June 24th through June 28th, The Opinion Tour in September, Arbor Day, and Photo contest. PLT needs to submit a written request for donation. In the budget approval for Teachers Tour is $500. Janet Funk said, there will a teacher’s tour Thursday, June 27th at their place Edgecreek Properties, Kennon McClintock will be giving a slide show at the dinner hour.

c. ILRCC Report – Janet Funk
Per Janet still up dating the Forest Action Plan.

d. 2019 “Forestry in Southern Idaho” Tour – John Lillehaug
Wednesday, May 16th is the Forestry Tour in McCall. Do have some real good speakers, fire legislation and good sites in the afternoon, Valley District. Try to keep it down to around 35 but there’s usually 40 to 50 attendees. Is there any direct mail? Yes farmers, operators, soil district, county provided list district 6 and 7. Money comes from the county for the mailing. ITFC provides the refreshments.

e. 2019 Idaho Forestry Contest, Delay Farms, Athol, May 9 – Kurt Koetter
There’s a lack of volunteers. There are 640 kids this year and majority is novice, 420 kids. Maybe next year might have to limit the novice. If, anyone wants to volunteer contact Karen Robinson. It was heard that there’s another Forestry contest in Moscow and Spirit Lake. There is a variety of 6th grade tours, Larry Cooke has a tour on his place. Chris Schnepf asked, when will the assignments be out, it is out now. For everyone that hasn’t heard get ahold of Karen Robinson.

f. 2019 ID Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Tour, Forever Green Tree Farm– T Schaffer
Tim is absent due to illness. Sean reported that he and Tim met with Larry Cooke in St. Maries. There will be no need to rent of automobiles. Larry does have a shop. Don’t know if there will be a need for table and chairs but if so Scheffeimair does have table and chairs for rental. Would like to explore more options for food this year, need to think about it for the next meeting. What will the date be September 7th or 14th, it was discussed to let Cooke family decide which they prefer. Janet Funk said, that the Cooke’s was receptive to be nominated for Western Regional Tree Farmer of the year. Janet suggested that Colleen Meek look into the current format. Discuss further when Tim Schaffer is at the next meeting.

9. Other Business-Committee
a. Madeline went to the Comprehensive Plan Update Meeting for Kootenai County workshops. She talked about Wildland Urban Interface, there was only emphasis on timber, agriculture, and wildfire in one sub-section of the Plan. Madeline’s concern is that there needs to be more on wildfire. People need to speak and stand up that there more need on wildfire. There’s alternating meetings in Medimont, Athol and Rathdrum. A person can go on line to
b. Sean talked about LEAP, Chris Schnepf said, there will another meeting May 14-16th, since there was so many interested. LEAP is good for landowners, too.
c. Angela Wells asked if she can be on the ITFC mailing list. With voice vote unanimously approved
d. Next meeting date: Thursday, July 18, 2019-UI Extension-Kootenai Cty-1808 N 3rd St. CDA

10. Adjourn
Sean Hammond adjourned the meeting at 12:30p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Colleen Meek
ITFP Administrator

Spring Summer Newsletter 2019

Spring Summer Newletter 2019

Idaho Tree Farm Winter Newsletter

Winter Newsletter 2019

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Minutes – January 17, 2019

9:30am-12pm, Thursday, January 17, 2019
U of I Extension Office
1808 N 3rd St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815

1. Call to Order
President Sean Hammond called the meeting to order at 9:30a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:
Sean Hammond, ITFC Chairman/ Tree Farmer
Doug Bradetich, ITFC Budget/ IFG
Kurt Koetter, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District 1 Chair/IFG
Steve Funk, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Janet Funk, ILRCC/Tree Farmer
Colleen Meek, ITFC Administrator
Madeline David, ITF Incoming Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Kirk David, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Robbie Easley, IDL
Tim Schaffer, ITFC District 2 Chair/BLP
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Outgoing Treasurer/IDL
Mary Fritz, IDL/ITFC Certification Chair/IDL
Matt Engberg, Inspector Training Facilitator/NWM
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Past Chairman/IFG
John Lillehaug ,ITFC District 3 Chair/ All About Forestry
Scott Sievers, IDL
Erin Bradetich, ITFC Communication Chair/IFG
Chris Schnepf, UI

2. Anti-Trust Statement
Sean Hammond reviewed the Anti-Trust Statement with the Committee.

3. Look over and review and approve Q4 Meeting Minutes
Sean asked if there’s any correction to the 4th Quarter Meeting Minutes. Russ Hegedus moved we accept as read. Andy Eckberg Seconded the Motion, with voice vote, the motion passed.

4. Review Q4 2018 Treasurer’s Report
Steve Cuvala presented the Treasurer’s Report Program Funding year to December 31, 2018. Cash balance is currently $33,098.19 in the positive. Income for 2018 is 24, 404.66. Total expenses for 2018 was 19,403.13. ITFC received a check from ATFS for required inspections completed, which will be deposited in 2019. There’s was one expense recorded in 2019 as of date. Current balance to date for 2019 is $33,825.01.
Kirk David moved we file the treasure’s report for review. Andy Eckberg seconded the motion. With a voice vote the motion passed.

5. Review Budget
Doug and Sean had got together the week prior to prepare a draft budget. Doug went over the budget with the committee. It was asked if Steve Funk will do the OTFOY sign again, he said yes, he would. John Lillehaug asked about the “Forestry for Southern Idaho Tour”, budgeted for $500. It was discussed about the Family Forest Landowner Conference, payment was paid of $65 for registration for a display table. Regarding funds to cover the assessment, Doug let the committee know that National will pay $1000 now and $100 per each of the 20 audit sites later this summer for a total of $3000. The budget stands as approved. Kirk David moved approval of the budget, Andy Eckberg seconded the motion. With a voice vote, the motion passed unanimously.

6. Communications Report
Communication Chair, Erin Bradetich, said there will be a newsletter coming out soon. She had the Family Forest Landowners & Managers meeting but needed more topics for the Newsletter. It was suggested to enter about the audit to continue letting people know what is happening. A list of tree farmers was chosen to be assessed by PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC). Per Mary Fritz it will be an opportunity to show off their tree farm. Discussion about the NRCS meeting that the EQIP application had a deadline of two weeks, which several of the tree farmers felt it was not acceptable. Chris Schnepf suggested an article might serve as a reminder. Chris did say UI Extension does have a 3-month schedule of events published. Sean asked if it was necessary for contractors to preregister for LEAP training and Chris indicate, yes, that is a requirement.

7. Old Business
a. Procedures for Dues implementation & update by-laws
Sean requested to table these topics until after the audit is over. Kurt Koetter voiced a motion to curtail until the July meeting. Steve Funk seconded the motion. With a voice vote, the motion passed.

b. Let the committee know who the Inspector of the year is for 2018, Robbie Easley.
Russ Hegedus introduced Robbie Easley to the committee. Tim Schaffer nominated Robbie Easley for the Inspector of Year.

c. Filled positions for the Idaho Tree Committee for 2019-2020
Vice President-Open
Treasurer – Madeline David. Kurt Koetter made a motion to nominate Madeline as Treasurer. Mary Fritz seconded the motion. With a voice vote, the motion passed Madeline as Treasurer. It was discussed if Madeline should take over the position in April or now (January). Madeline felt it would be better to accept position at the beginning of a year. It was agreed she would begin immediately.
Budget Subcommittee: Doug Bradetich will continue as chair.
Communication Subcommittee: Erin Bradetich will continue as chair.

d. Audit 2019
The audit preparation meeting was January 16, 2019 with Kristina Duff. There were 20 Tree Farmers picked to be assessed by PricewaterHouseCoopers (PwC). The tree farms picked for the 2019 assessment are located at Idaho, Valley, Shoshone, and Benewah counties. It’s very important to all the tree farmers that were picked to make sure their management plans are up to current standards as soon as possible. Per ATFS Standards of Sustainability, the contiguous & non-contiguous parcel issues need to be corrected. Karen of PwC was very impressed with Idaho getting a premium for logs from tree farmers. Mary Fritz asked to meet with the district chairs & any inspectors that are on the list right after the ITFC meeting.

8. New Business
a. Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council (ILRCC) Report-Janet Funk
Janet Funk reported there was a meeting Nov 1st in Coeur d’Alene. The biggest focus is on Priority Landscape for all lands. The Forest Action Plan-Purpose is to help landowners and managers in Idaho identify projects and activities that reduce threats to forests. How to format maps with GPS, size pixels, how its effects water quality, wildfires and could allow crew members to be more aware of their location. They could improve safety. The ecosystem benefits the forests.
Environmental or Climate Change- Governor Little, Says Climate change is real and here. Per Chris Schnepf the government did research on Climate change.
Good Neighbor Authority-Private property with needs-up and coming discussion.

b. Project Learning Tree (PLT) Report-Mary Fritz
Due to computer connectivity issues, Mary Fritz was not able to access all of her records at the meeting but reported there were no major issues regarding PLT to report on at this time.

c. 2019 NLC will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on Feb 26-28th, 2019. Erin Bradetich & John Lellehaug will be attending.
Theme: “Growing Forest Conservation, Together”

d. IFOA/Tree Farm Annual Moscow Meeting, March 24-26, 2019.
1. What to get or signs Tree Farmer of Year-Larry Cook, Logger of Year-Thomas Mackey, & Inspector of Year-Robbie Easley.
Steve Funk volunteered to make the sign and plaques.

2. Inspector gifts & awards-ideas?
Sean Hammond suggested no more vests, but Robbie Easley said he would take a vest, size XL.
John Lillehaug suggested gift cards or certificates, since a lot of inspectors have a quality of hats and t-shirts. Chris Schnepf suggested using Zome in Spokane for printing, Kirk suggested Bob Faulkner, and Russ suggested Pyramid Printing locally in CDA. It was suggested that we get more hats and a few winter hats with ear flaps. It was asked do all inspectors have to be graduate foresters? The answer was yes or have taken a range of required forestry classes.
It was suggested inspector with 1 tree farm-a $15.00 gift certificate, 5 and over more monies.
3. Handouts for Family Forest Landowner Conference
One suggestion was hat tac. It was suggested to ask National what they have available for outreach.
4. No Host Bar for the Awards ceremony & then dessert hour for the P.O.Y. What changes would we like to see this year?
Per Kirk David the FFLOC social that was held previously in the mall will be in Best Western this year, prior to the ITFC meeting. The FFLOC Steering Committee would like to combine with the ITFC social hour and split the cost between ITFC and FFL&MC, hoping more people will attend. Doug Bradetich moved to combine FFL&MC and ITFC Social and Kurt Koetter seconded the motion. Janet Funk suggested instead of having the dessert hour in another room have it in the same room as the social and meeting. Janet thought if we got a big cake everyone can enjoy it and visit. Sean moved that we have dessert in the same room. Madeline David seconded the motion. With a voice vote, the motion passed.

e. Inspections for 2019
1. Required: District 1 19 District 2 1 District 3 1
2. Optional: District 1 36 District 2 12 District 3 2
3. Pioneer: District 1 0 District 2 2 District 3 0

f. May 1-2, 2019 Fly In
Per Kirk David, IFOA and ITF split the cost, when Marcus Smith went last time. He would like to go again this year. The Fly-In is every two years. The date for the Fly-In is May 1 & 2, 2019.
Doug Bradetich moved to add $250 to the budget for the Fly-In. John Lillehaug seconded the motion, with a voice vote, the motion passed.

9. Other Business
John Lillehaug introduced his replacement at the IDL office, Scott Sievers. Scott will also become a tree farm inspector.

a. Next meeting date: Thursday, April 18, 2019
Colleen Meek asked for suggestions on a location if the fire hall isn’t available in April. ITF will have the July and October meetings at the UI Extension Office. Janet Funk volunteered their barn for our April meeting if the fire hall isn’t available.

10. Adjourn
Sean Hammond adjourned the meeting at 11:20a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Colleen Meek
ITFP Administrator

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Minutes – October

9:00am-12pm, Thursday, October 18, 2018
Fire Hall #3 Kootenai County – 1500 N 15th St. – CDA, ID 83814

1. Call to Order
President Russ Hegedus called the meeting to order at 9:07a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:
Russ Hegedus, ITFC President
Sean Hammond, ITFC Vice President, Tree Farmer
Doug Bradetich, IFG
Kurt Koetter, IDL/Tree Farmer
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District 1 Chair/IFG
Tim Schaffer, ITFC District 2 Chair/BLP
Steve Funk, IFOA/Tree Farmer
Janet Funk, ILRCC/Tree Farmer
Colleen Meek, ITFC Administrator
Madeline David, IFOA
Kirk David, IFOA
Tom Bollacker, Tree Farmer
Rich O’Quinn, IDL
Steve Cuvala, IDL
Mary Fritz, IDL/ITFC Certification Chair
Matt Engberg, NMI/ITFC Inspector Chair

2. Anti-Trust Statement
Russ Hegedus reviewed the Anti-Trust Statement with the Committee.

3. Look over and review Q3 Meeting Minutes
Russ Hegedus entertained a motion we accept as read. Motion approved.

4. Review Q3 2018 Treasurer’s Report
Steve Cuvala presented the Treasurer’s Report Program Funding year to date Cash balance is currently in the positive. Income was received from ATFS for required inspections completed, IFG for stumpage premium, and Enterprise Rental refund of deposit for IT Tour car rental.
Doug reviewed the current budget. It was suggested that the committee purchase a projector and box, since Doug would like to relinquish this task and asked for a volunteer to replace him. There was no response. Doug Bradetich moved approval of the Treasurer Report, Kurt Koetter seconded the motion. With a voice vote, the motion was carried unanimously.

5. Communications Report
Communication Chair, Erin Bradetich, was absent Doug Bradetich filled as proxy for Erin. A fall newsletter will be coming out first part of November 2018. Doug asked for suggestions for more topics for the newsletter. Committee discussed the question about UI Nursery Advisory Committee’s apparent refusal to acknowledge our representative from ITFC and IFOA’s representative (Steve Funk).

6. Old Business
a. 2018 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year Tour, September 8th, 62 tree farmers and guests attended the fall tour. It was suggested next year might have different lunch menu.

b. Certification Chair filled with Mary Fritz.
Mary was wondering what her duties would be as a certified chair. Mary will work with Matt Engberg & National on audit logistics and keep will the state chapter informed. The new standards will be coming out for 2020-2024 Tree Farm Standards for Sustainability (forest management plan requirements) and maybe do some inspector training at the Moscow meeting.

c. National survey by Edge Contracting to clean up database.
The research will be done around the end of October. There will be three categories Decertification, Pioneer, and Certification. The Tree Farmer should also be asked if they’re participating in Idaho State Forest Stewardship Program.

d. Clean up previous “Dues Implementation”
After a lengthy Committee discussion for dues implementation, Doug stated that the previous vote was for a flat $10.00 per year and per tree farmer, as a couple will equal one. Doug moved to reconfirm this previous decision. Kurt Koetter seconded the motion. With a voice vote, Motion accepted unanimously. Kirk David questioned whether the ITFP, as a 501(c)3, (which IRS rules designate as a non-membership entity) could charge membership dues. Colleen Meek said, the ITFC accountant advised “dues”, but Kirk David said IFOA has both a (c)6 membership entity and a (c)3 non-membership entity for that reason after actively checking on IRS rules. Non-profit 501(c)3 entities can accept donations, so care should be taken as to how this arrangement is characterized.

7. New Business
a. PLT Report (Mary Fritz)
Mary Fritz reported (Per Michelle Youngquist) there will be 18 workshops in 2019 & Training for college students, including the Sustainable Forestry Tour for Teachers & Counselors. PLT will have the Photo contest, Arbor Day (last Friday in April), Essay contest, and the National Forest Product Week (3rd week in October). The STEM Outreach has approx. 2,000 participates in Idaho.
b. ILRCC Report (Janet Funk)
The ITFP representative Janet Funk stated the only current news at this time is that the IDL’s Forest Legacy Program had two applications this year (Schweitzer Mountain Resort and Molpus/Hancock), but Schweitzer later withdrew.

c. By-Laws Updates 501C3 status and “Dues Structure if Needed”
Discussion was included in “Old Business, Section d”

8. Inspections Update by District Chairs
a. Required: What’s been assigned & what’s been done?
John-District 3 – zero left
Tim-District 2 – 2 Requires will be done by end of November.
Andy-District 1 – Mike and Steve are working on them. Erin is working on 3 requires.

b. Optional and Pioneer’s – What’s been done?
District 1 – Doug said, he’ll have Mitch Westfall and Drew Westfall done in couple of weeks.
District 3 –Couple Optional will be done by end of November.

9. The vote on assessing a “Dues based membership to each Idaho tree farmer a due” i.e. Bob and Sue Jones get 1 due for the year. Likely due April 1, 2019 to renew again and be due on January 1, 2020.
This topic was discussed earlier in the meeting, “Old Business, section d”.

10. Other Business:
a. Future ITFC Open Positions for 2019-2020.
Vice President
Budget Tracker
Communication-Will Erin still hold the position?

b. People of the Year
There was a discussion that took place for 2019 Logger of Year, 2019 Inspector of Year, and 2019 Tree Farmer of the Year, the announcement to be made at the annual meeting in March.

c. Mary Fritz reported there will be changes in the Forest Stewardship Program. It is uncertain how this will affect the IDL Program. There are more questions than answers right now. The new direction will focus on work taking place across ownership and within priority landscapes. The Forest Service and State coordinators and others will work to try to roll out in 2020.

d. Next meeting: January 17, 2019

Russ Hegedus adjourned the meeting at 11:12a.m.

Respectfully submitted by,
Colleen Meek
ITFP Administrator