ITFC Meeting Minutes October 20, 2016

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting
9:30am- 12:00pm, Thursday, October 20th, 2016 Coeur d’Alene Fire Department, Station 3
1500 N 15th St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

1. Call to Order/Quorum
Chair Funk called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:
Steve Funk, ITFC Chair/Tree Farmer
Joe Larson, Stimson Lumber
G. Kirk David, ITFC Inspector Training Facilitator/Tree Farmer
Madeline David, ITFC Communications/Tree Farmer
Tim Schaffer, ITFC District II Chair/Bennett Lumber
Doug Bradetich, ITFC Past Chair/IFG; proxy for Ray Getchius/Tree Farmer
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Vice Chair/IFG
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District I Chair/IFG
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Gretchen Lech, ITFC/SFI-SIC/HFM
Chris Schnepf, ITFC/U of I Extension
Kurt Koetter, Tree Farmer
Savannah Miller, ITFP Administrator
Mary Fritz, ITFC/IDL
Janet Funk, ITFC/Tree Farmer
Jane Thornes, ITFC/PLT
Jim Thornes, Tree Farmer
Excused: John Lillehaug, ITFC District III Chair; Ray Getchius, Tree Farmer

2. Anti-Trust Statement
Chair Funk reviewed the Anti-Trust Statement with the Committee

3. Approval of July Meeting Minutes
With some corrections, Doug Bradetich moved and Janet Funk seconded to approve the July Meeting Minutes. The motion carried unanimously.

4. Review of October Treasurer’s Report

a. Treasurer Cuvala reviewed the latest Treasurer’s Report with the Committee. All expenses remain in line with budgeted amounts. Russ Hegedus moved and Madeline David seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report. The motion carried unanimously.

b. The Committee agreed that officer updates and contact information need to be available online as well as access to the latest Minutes, events and newsletters. Madeline David moved and Janet Funk seconded for the Administrator to learn the process of updating the current website to keep content up to date, and to utilize the funds from ITFC account to pay for such training. The motion carried unanimously.

5. PLT Report
Jane Thornes reviewed the latest updates from PLT. From February to October, (19) workshops were offered for teachers working on professional development. Many teachers are aiming to incorporate more science into their curriculum. Jane reminded the Committee that during Forest Products Week (Oct 16th-22nd) the website was doing an essay contest until November 2nd, for ages K-12, offering cash prizes to winners.

Janet Funk reviewed the Teachers Tour held in June, which hosted 43 teachers and included a tour of federal, industry, state and private lands. IDL gave a fire demonstration on the Funk property and teachers were able to socialize and see different tree species and Forester’s tools. Overall the tour was a success and the teacher feedback and evaluations were very positive.

6. ILRCC Report
Janet Funk reviewed latest updates from the ILRCC. Next meeting is in Boise on February 27th and 28th. A state umbrella collaborative (Idaho Forest Resource Council) is also meeting on March 1st-2nd to discuss forest health improvements. ILRCC is now receiving all news and updates coming from the IDL, as well as the various activities that the IDL is participating in.

7. Communications Report
Madeline David put out the newsletter, the invitation to the Teacher’s Tour and a notice to inspectors for nominations through Constant Contact. She advised that the ITFC is still under utilizing the outlet and recommended using it more to promote local State interests and needs. Madeline will be stepping down as Communications Chair and at this time the person to fill that vacancy is still to be decided.


a. Document Storage
The Committee discussed storage of ITF documents, inspections and marketing materials and possible movement from the storage unit to a different location. After review of possible options, the Committee decided to continue renting the current storage unit to house all documents and materials.

b. Inspections: District Chairs input on completion i. Required – (2017 deadline 12/9/16)
Five (5) Tree Farms are still needing inspected and entered into the database.

ii. Assigned
All Tree Farms have been assigned to appropriate inspectors.

c. Post Card Notices for Tree Farmer Status
Kirk and Madeline David re-sent 40 post card notices the first week of October with a deadline of October 26th for response. Those Tree Farmers who wish to stay in the program must have an assigned inspector out to review their property and update their farm to the current 2015-2020 standards. After the 26th, all those who haven’t responded will be put on a list for decertification. Paper files of those Tree Farms that are decertified shall be kept in a designated ‘decertified’ box to be destroyed after two years.
The next batch of 50 post card notices will be sent out in early January.

d. 501(c)3 Status
Chair Funk had to apply for a new EIN from the IRS. He’s started the process for the Articles of Incorporation with the Bynum Group. Due to this new status, changes will be implemented regarding officer titles, such as: Chairman and Vice Chairman will be changed to President and Vice President respectively. Kurt Koetter moved and Russ Hegedus seconded to update By-laws and other documents appropriately when and if required. The motion carried.

e. 2016 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Tour – Recap
Doug Bradetich reviewed the Idaho Tree Farm Tour, which hosted over 120 attendees plus the Wood Family for a total of about 180 people. The tour went over budget by about twothousand dollars, but everyone was fed well and had a great time socializing and engaging in Tree Farm education. Senator Sage Dixon attended for a short period of time and overall this was a wonderful event with fantastic turnout.

f. Idaho One Plan Template
Doug Bradetich reviewed the latest update of the Idaho One Plan Template, Stewardship and the NRCSS. Mary Fritz incorporated the latest feedback from the group and the Template should be ready for posted for viewing before the ITFC meeting in January.

g. Committee Vote for 2017 OTFOY and 2017 OTFLOY

i. Kirk David relayed the TFOY nomination by Sean Hammond for Kurt and Sandra Koetter. The Executive Committee did a field inspection on the Koetter Tree Farm and examined their plan. The Committee were all in favor on nominating Kurt and Sandra Koetter for 2017 TFOY.

ii. After much group discussion concerning nominees for the Logger of the Year award, Chair Funk asked the Committee to vote. Nine (9) counts were in favor of John Kinne, officially making him the decided nominee. John Kinne has had committee involvement, shown service to the logging committee and demonstrated promotional activity to the ITFP.

h. Wood Tree Farm Regional Tree Farm
Andy Eckberg and Russ Hegedus will follow up with the Wood family to see if they are still interested in working towards the Regional nomination.

9. NEW BUSINESS a. Election of 2017-2018 President, Vice President, and Treasurer
Janet Funk moved and Andy Eckberg seconded that Russ Hegedus be appointed ITFC President starting January 1, 2017 for the next two consecutive year period. The motion carried unanimously. There are a few interested for the position of Vice President, however, the seat will remain open at this time until there is a firm agreement from a candidate to step in. Janet Funk moved and Russ Hegedus seconded the motion for Steve Cuvala to serve as Treasurer for one more year. The motion carried unanimously.

b. 2017 President’s Roster of 2017 Committee Members for Committee Approval
Russ Hegedus appointed Andy Eckberg as District I Chair, Tim Schaffer as District II Chair, and John Lillehaug as District III Chair for the next consecutive two year term. Hegedus also appointed Kurt Koetter as a Tree-Farmer-at-Large and is considering Tom Bollacker as a potential option. The Committee approved the appointments.

10. 2017 ATFS National Leadership Conference, February 24-27, Greenville, SC
The conference will be attended by Steve and Janet Funk and Kurt and Sandra Koetter. The Committee will most likely need to pay for only one registration as two registrations are always sponsored by National and a third registration is usually covered for a first timer, which Kurt qualifies as. Savannah Miller will hear from National in regard to the third registration being covered after December 15th. Steve Funk has already applied for grants from National to help with additional travel costs.

11. Deadlines for: 2017 ITFC Roster to ATFS; 2016 Annual Reports to ATFS (3/15/17) Roster will be completed as soon as a Vice President is nominated and elected. Russ Hegedus will have the Annual Report turned in by 3/15/17.
12. Other Business
Janet Funk reminded the Committee that ATFS is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year and will be having an award ceremony on Capitol Hill in December with the National Tree Farmer winners.

ITFC’s next meeting date will be on Thursday, January 19, 2017, at a location still to be decided.

13. Adjourn
Chair Funk adjourned the meeting at 11:48 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Savannah Miller

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