ITFC Meeting Minutes January 19, 2017

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting
9:30am- 12:00pm, Thursday, January 19th, 2017
University of Idaho Extension Office – Kootenai County 1808 N 3rd St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814


1. Call to Order
President Russ Hegedus called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were: Doug Bradetich, IFG
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Chair/IFG
Savannah Miller, ITFP Administrator
Tim Kyllo, ITFC/IFG
Tom Bollacker, Tree Farmer at Large
Dan Myers, Tree Farmer at Large
Frank Gariglio, ITFC/USDA-NRCS
Joe Larson, Stimson Lumber
Erin Bradetich, ITFC Communications, IFG
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District 1 Chair/IFG
Rob Keefe, U of I -CNR
Gretchen Lech, ITFC/SFI-SIC/HFM
Steven Cuvala, ITFC Treasurer/Tree Farmer
John Lillehaug, ITFC District 3 Chair/Tree Farmer
Tim Schaffer, ITFC District 2 Chair/BLP
Steve Funk, ITFC Past Chair/Tree Farmer
Janet Funk, ITFC/Tree Farmer
Chris Schnepf, ITFC/U of I Extension
Sean Hammond, ITFC Vice Chair/Tree Farmer
Kurt Koetter, Tree Farmer

Excused: Janes Thornes, PLT; Mary Fritz, IDL

2. Anti-Trust Statement
President Hegedus reviewed the Anti-Trust Statement with the Committee.

3. Approval of October Meeting Minutes
John Lillehaug moved and Kurt Koetter seconded to approve the October Meeting Minutes without any corrections. The motion carried unanimously.

4. Budget Review and Treasurer’s Report
a) Steve Cuvala gave the Treasurer’s Report and Past Chair Bradetich reviewed the 2016 budget against actual income and expenditures as of December 31, 2016. Most expenses remained in line except for the Fall Field Tour that spent about $2,000 over the original estimate due to the surprisingly large group who attended the tour. Cash balance was $20,523.32 as of January 1, 2016. The 2016 Year-end balance and beginning balance as of January 1, 2017 was $28,662.68. The cash balance as of January 17, 2017 is $27,665.19. Sean Hammond moved to file both the December 31, 2016 and the January 17, 2017 Treasurers Reports for review. Tim Kyllo seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.
b) Doug Bradetich reviewed the proposal for the 2017 Budget. Kurt Koetter suggested setting aside funds to prepare for the next audit, whenever that may be. Doug added a line item, “AFF/SFI Program Audit” to the 2017 Budget which shall be carried on to every year’s budget going forward. Kurt Koetter moved to approve the budget draft with a preface that the amount of money set aside for the next audit will be determined based on whether the audit is a lump sum cost or to be split into annual payments. Steve Cuvala seconded and the motion unanimously passed. John Lillehaug suggested adding a line item of $100 for help with expenses at the Forestry for Southern Idaho tour. Janet moved to add that line item, Tim Kyllo seconded, and the motion unanimously carried.

5. PLT Report – Jane Thornes
Jane Thornes was not able to attend the meeting in person, but provided information via email for the Committee’s consideration. They are currently setting up workshops for spring and summer. There are several workshops set up in southern Idaho. In the Coeur d’ Alene area, there will be an Early Childhood teacher workshop this spring; and in June and July they will be having 15 hour workshops on Early Childhood and ‘Walk in the Forest’.

PLT continues to work with school districts to meet the needs of teachers. One way that they’re doing this is by trying to coordinate with teacher professional development days.

6. ILRCC Update and Upcoming Events – Janet Funk
Janet Funk reviewed latest updates from the Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council. Next meeting is on February 27th and 28th in Boise. A state umbrella collaborative group, the Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership (IFRP), is also meeting on March 1st and 2nd to discuss forest health improvements. Janet also relayed current news from the IDL, which are in the process of selling some of their buildings.

7. Communications Report
New Communications Chair is Erin Bradetich, and she is currently working with the past Communications Chair to learn the Constant Contact Program. Also, she will be working with Doug Bradetich to produce an ITFP Newsletter in the spring.

8. Old Business
a) 2016 Inspections Recap
i. Vote for 2017 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmer Inspector of the Year President Hegedus nominated Chris Gerhart, a private forestry specialist, to be the inspector of year. Andy Eckberg seconded that.

b) Post Card Notices for Tree Farmer Status
The next 50 oldest Tree Farm post card notices will be sent out in February.

c) 501(c)3 Status
Doug Bradetich moved and Steve Funk seconded to update the By-laws and other documents appropriately when and if required due to the implementation of officer’s new titles of ‘President’ and ‘Vice President’. The motion carried.

9. New Business
a) 2017 Committee Roster
As of January, Russ Hegedus is the President, Sean Hammond is the Vice President, Steve Cuvala remains Treasurer, Erin Bradetich is the new Communications Chair, and Dan Myers and Tom Bollacker are the new Tree Farmers at Large.

b) 2017 Inspections Update by District Chairs
i. Required inspections assigned and/or completed ITFP is off to a great start with all districts ahead of schedule on completing most or all of their required inspections. District I has all assigned and only eight left to complete. District II has all required assigned and one is complete. District III has completed all of their required inspections.
ii. Optional and Pioneer inspections
National has asked State Committees to evaluate and either certify or decertify the inventory of Pioneer inspections that we have in our state. Currently Idaho has 14 to complete.

c) 2017 ATFS National Leadership Conference, February 24-27, Greenville, SC
This year ITFC will be represented by Steve & Janet Funk and also current Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year – Kurt & Sandy Koetter.

d) Annual Award Meeting, March 27th, Moscow, ID
The ITFP meeting will include appetizers prior to the award presentations and business meeting. Also a dessert and wine social for the awardees following the meeting. Those interested in attending the Award Meeting and would like to stay at the Best Western University Inn are encouraged to reserve their accommodations before 2/27 to take advantage of the FFLC group rate discount. Those with questions about reserving a room may contact Savannah Miller.

10. Other Business
a) Annual Report to ATFS due 3/15/2017
President Hegedus is working on the Annual Report and will submit it by March 15th to National.

The Wood Family has been submitted to National for Regional Tree Farmers of the Year

c)Donation to previous ITFOY, Rusty and Linda Fitchett
Steve Cuvala moved and Doug Bradetich seconded that the Committee provide a $300 gift card to Home Depot for the Fitchett’s to help cover costs as they rebuild their home. The motion carried unanimously. John Lillehaug also encouraged everyone in the group look into their photo history and see if they have any pictures of the Fitchett’s Tree Farmer of the Year Ceremony.

d)Next ITFC Meeting Date The next meeting will be on April 20th, 2017 at a location to be decided.

11. Adjourn
President Hegedus adjourned the meeting at 11:20 am
Respectfully submitted,

Savannah Miller, Administrator
Riley and Associates, LLC

ITFC Meeting Minutes October 20, 2016

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting
9:30am- 12:00pm, Thursday, October 20th, 2016 Coeur d’Alene Fire Department, Station 3
1500 N 15th St. Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

1. Call to Order/Quorum
Chair Funk called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. Those present for all or part of the meeting were:
Steve Funk, ITFC Chair/Tree Farmer
Joe Larson, Stimson Lumber
G. Kirk David, ITFC Inspector Training Facilitator/Tree Farmer
Madeline David, ITFC Communications/Tree Farmer
Tim Schaffer, ITFC District II Chair/Bennett Lumber
Doug Bradetich, ITFC Past Chair/IFG; proxy for Ray Getchius/Tree Farmer
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Vice Chair/IFG
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District I Chair/IFG
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Gretchen Lech, ITFC/SFI-SIC/HFM
Chris Schnepf, ITFC/U of I Extension
Kurt Koetter, Tree Farmer
Savannah Miller, ITFP Administrator
Mary Fritz, ITFC/IDL
Janet Funk, ITFC/Tree Farmer
Jane Thornes, ITFC/PLT
Jim Thornes, Tree Farmer
Excused: John Lillehaug, ITFC District III Chair; Ray Getchius, Tree Farmer

2. Anti-Trust Statement
Chair Funk reviewed the Anti-Trust Statement with the Committee

3. Approval of July Meeting Minutes
With some corrections, Doug Bradetich moved and Janet Funk seconded to approve the July Meeting Minutes. The motion carried unanimously.

4. Review of October Treasurer’s Report

a. Treasurer Cuvala reviewed the latest Treasurer’s Report with the Committee. All expenses remain in line with budgeted amounts. Russ Hegedus moved and Madeline David seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report. The motion carried unanimously.

b. The Committee agreed that officer updates and contact information need to be available online as well as access to the latest Minutes, events and newsletters. Madeline David moved and Janet Funk seconded for the Administrator to learn the process of updating the current website to keep content up to date, and to utilize the funds from ITFC account to pay for such training. The motion carried unanimously.

5. PLT Report
Jane Thornes reviewed the latest updates from PLT. From February to October, (19) workshops were offered for teachers working on professional development. Many teachers are aiming to incorporate more science into their curriculum. Jane reminded the Committee that during Forest Products Week (Oct 16th-22nd) the website was doing an essay contest until November 2nd, for ages K-12, offering cash prizes to winners.

Janet Funk reviewed the Teachers Tour held in June, which hosted 43 teachers and included a tour of federal, industry, state and private lands. IDL gave a fire demonstration on the Funk property and teachers were able to socialize and see different tree species and Forester’s tools. Overall the tour was a success and the teacher feedback and evaluations were very positive.

6. ILRCC Report
Janet Funk reviewed latest updates from the ILRCC. Next meeting is in Boise on February 27th and 28th. A state umbrella collaborative (Idaho Forest Resource Council) is also meeting on March 1st-2nd to discuss forest health improvements. ILRCC is now receiving all news and updates coming from the IDL, as well as the various activities that the IDL is participating in.

7. Communications Report
Madeline David put out the newsletter, the invitation to the Teacher’s Tour and a notice to inspectors for nominations through Constant Contact. She advised that the ITFC is still under utilizing the outlet and recommended using it more to promote local State interests and needs. Madeline will be stepping down as Communications Chair and at this time the person to fill that vacancy is still to be decided.


a. Document Storage
The Committee discussed storage of ITF documents, inspections and marketing materials and possible movement from the storage unit to a different location. After review of possible options, the Committee decided to continue renting the current storage unit to house all documents and materials.

b. Inspections: District Chairs input on completion i. Required – (2017 deadline 12/9/16)
Five (5) Tree Farms are still needing inspected and entered into the database.

ii. Assigned
All Tree Farms have been assigned to appropriate inspectors.

c. Post Card Notices for Tree Farmer Status
Kirk and Madeline David re-sent 40 post card notices the first week of October with a deadline of October 26th for response. Those Tree Farmers who wish to stay in the program must have an assigned inspector out to review their property and update their farm to the current 2015-2020 standards. After the 26th, all those who haven’t responded will be put on a list for decertification. Paper files of those Tree Farms that are decertified shall be kept in a designated ‘decertified’ box to be destroyed after two years.
The next batch of 50 post card notices will be sent out in early January.

d. 501(c)3 Status
Chair Funk had to apply for a new EIN from the IRS. He’s started the process for the Articles of Incorporation with the Bynum Group. Due to this new status, changes will be implemented regarding officer titles, such as: Chairman and Vice Chairman will be changed to President and Vice President respectively. Kurt Koetter moved and Russ Hegedus seconded to update By-laws and other documents appropriately when and if required. The motion carried.

e. 2016 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Tour – Recap
Doug Bradetich reviewed the Idaho Tree Farm Tour, which hosted over 120 attendees plus the Wood Family for a total of about 180 people. The tour went over budget by about twothousand dollars, but everyone was fed well and had a great time socializing and engaging in Tree Farm education. Senator Sage Dixon attended for a short period of time and overall this was a wonderful event with fantastic turnout.

f. Idaho One Plan Template
Doug Bradetich reviewed the latest update of the Idaho One Plan Template, Stewardship and the NRCSS. Mary Fritz incorporated the latest feedback from the group and the Template should be ready for posted for viewing before the ITFC meeting in January.

g. Committee Vote for 2017 OTFOY and 2017 OTFLOY

i. Kirk David relayed the TFOY nomination by Sean Hammond for Kurt and Sandra Koetter. The Executive Committee did a field inspection on the Koetter Tree Farm and examined their plan. The Committee were all in favor on nominating Kurt and Sandra Koetter for 2017 TFOY.

ii. After much group discussion concerning nominees for the Logger of the Year award, Chair Funk asked the Committee to vote. Nine (9) counts were in favor of John Kinne, officially making him the decided nominee. John Kinne has had committee involvement, shown service to the logging committee and demonstrated promotional activity to the ITFP.

h. Wood Tree Farm Regional Tree Farm
Andy Eckberg and Russ Hegedus will follow up with the Wood family to see if they are still interested in working towards the Regional nomination.

9. NEW BUSINESS a. Election of 2017-2018 President, Vice President, and Treasurer
Janet Funk moved and Andy Eckberg seconded that Russ Hegedus be appointed ITFC President starting January 1, 2017 for the next two consecutive year period. The motion carried unanimously. There are a few interested for the position of Vice President, however, the seat will remain open at this time until there is a firm agreement from a candidate to step in. Janet Funk moved and Russ Hegedus seconded the motion for Steve Cuvala to serve as Treasurer for one more year. The motion carried unanimously.

b. 2017 President’s Roster of 2017 Committee Members for Committee Approval
Russ Hegedus appointed Andy Eckberg as District I Chair, Tim Schaffer as District II Chair, and John Lillehaug as District III Chair for the next consecutive two year term. Hegedus also appointed Kurt Koetter as a Tree-Farmer-at-Large and is considering Tom Bollacker as a potential option. The Committee approved the appointments.

10. 2017 ATFS National Leadership Conference, February 24-27, Greenville, SC
The conference will be attended by Steve and Janet Funk and Kurt and Sandra Koetter. The Committee will most likely need to pay for only one registration as two registrations are always sponsored by National and a third registration is usually covered for a first timer, which Kurt qualifies as. Savannah Miller will hear from National in regard to the third registration being covered after December 15th. Steve Funk has already applied for grants from National to help with additional travel costs.

11. Deadlines for: 2017 ITFC Roster to ATFS; 2016 Annual Reports to ATFS (3/15/17) Roster will be completed as soon as a Vice President is nominated and elected. Russ Hegedus will have the Annual Report turned in by 3/15/17.
12. Other Business
Janet Funk reminded the Committee that ATFS is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year and will be having an award ceremony on Capitol Hill in December with the National Tree Farmer winners.

ITFC’s next meeting date will be on Thursday, January 19, 2017, at a location still to be decided.

13. Adjourn
Chair Funk adjourned the meeting at 11:48 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Savannah Miller

ITFC Meeting Minutes April 2016

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting
9:30am- 12:00pm, Thursday, April 21st, 2016
Kootenai County Extension Office
1808 N 3rd Street, Coeur d’Alene ID 83814

1. Call to Order
ITFC Chair Funk called the meeting to order at 9:37 a.m. Those present were:
Steve Funk, ITFC Chair
G. Kirk David, ITFC and proxy for Rob Keefe
Madeline David, ITFC
Tim Schaffer, District II Chair/Bennett Lumber
Doug Bradetich, ITFC Past Chair/IFG; proxy for Ray Getchius
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Vice Chair/IFG
Andy Eckberg, District I Chair/IFG
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Frank Gariglio, USDA/NRCS
John Lillehaug, ITFC District III Chair
Janet Funk, Tree Farmer
Kurt Koetter, Tree Farmer
Gretchen Lech, Hancock/SFI
Jane Thornes, Tree Farmer/PLT
Chris Schnepf/U of I
Savannah Miller, ITFC Administrator/R&A
Excused Absence: Rob Keefe, Ray Getchius, Mary Fritz

2. Anti-Trust Statement
Chair Funk reviewed the anti-trust statement with the members.

3. Approval of Minutes from January Meeting
With a spelling correction, Kirk David moved and Kurt Koetter seconded to accept the Minutes from the January, 2016 meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

4. Communications Chair Report – Madeline David
Constant Contact contract has been renewed for another year. Madeline David suggested that the ITFC is under-using the outlet and would like to utilize it more for local State interests and needs.

5. PLT Report – Jane Thornes
Last year, 20 workshops were completed across the state, including 5 in northern Idaho. A total of 448 teachers were reached state wide, which was an increase from the previous year. Jane Thornes asked the Committee to consider sponsoring a teacher to participate in the Sustainable Forestry Tour for Teachers and Counselors.

6. ILRCC Report (Idaho Lands Resource Coordinating Council) – Janet Funk
Janet Funk provided an overview of most recent discussions from the ILRCC meeting held in January. Next meeting is in June and there may be a possible field trip to the Clagstone Project.

7. Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Steve Cuvala gave the Treasurer’s Report and Past Chair Bradetich reviewed the 2016 budget against actual income and expenditures as of April 21, 2016. Beginning balance as of January 1, 2016 was $20,523.32. The National Leadership Conference travel costs totaled $3,300 and the AFF/ATFS reimbursed $1,600, costing the ITFC a total of $1680 after reimbursement. FFLC came to a total of $1,250 for all expenses. ITFC has received $8,909.04 from IFG for stumpage premiums. Treasurer Cuvala reminded the Committee that a majority of income comes from IFG stumpage premiums which we receive twice a year. Other income comes from ATFS for completing required inspections. Forecast for the year looks like a surplus of over $5,000 and the current balance is $25,541.46. John Lillehaug moved and Andy Eckberg seconded to file the April 21, 2016 Treasurers Reports for review. The motion passed unanimously.

Donation Requests / New Budget Line Items
Treasurer Steve Cuvala asked the Committee to increase the annual donation (currently $100) for the Sixth Grade Resource Tour. Janet Funk moved and Kurt Koetter seconded to double the donation amount. The motion passed unanimously.

Jane Thornes asked the Committee to sponsor a teacher for the Sustainable Forestry Tour. Steve Cuvala moved and Janet Funk seconded the motion to donate $250 towards a sponsorship. Chair Funk called for a vote of the $250 scholarship and the motion passed unanimously.

8. Old Business
All District Chairs and Inspectors have now been notified that 6 inspections still need assigned to an inspector and 13 required inspections are due to be completed and/or entered into the database.

Post Card Triage for Tree Farm Ratification
Post cards mailings will be sent out in groups of 50 until all Idaho Tree Farmers (who have not been inspected in the last 5 years) have been contacted. Post card will notify the Tree Farmer of their current enrollment and will ask them to complete and mail in the short form to update or confirm their information for the database. The card notifies the Tree Farmer that failure to respond will result in decertification of their Tree Farm, although they may reapply if desired in the future. Post card will give the Tree Farmer the option to update their management plan if needed or to inspect to current standards. After group discussion, Doug Bradetich moved and Janet Funk seconded the motion to send the postcards out to Tree Farmers with the agreed upon layout as discussed. Chair Funk called for a vote and the motion passed unanimously.

501(c)3 Status
Chair Funk has contacted the Bynum Group to assist the ITFC in becoming a 501(c)3 and received an estimate of $400 plus state and federal filing fees. He will follow up with the committee at the July ITFC meeting and provide updates.

Overview of the 2016 Annual Tree Farm Meeting
Regional Application for ATFS/ROTFY for Wood Family Tree Farm
Administrator Savannah Miller will contact National about receiving the upcoming ROTFY application for the Wood Family. The sooner the application is completed and submitted, the better, as it takes quite some time to be processed.

9. New Business
Topics for Spring Newsletter
-Annual Meeting, Wood Family OTFY, FOFD, Post Card Triage, Fall Tour
-Include grad student research projects
-PLT workshops
-Idaho Farm Bureau columns
-Inspector recognition and gratitude

Forest Owners Field Day
On Saturday, June 25, 2016 at the Reggear’s Tree Farm in Orofino. Volunteers are needed to set up on Friday and help orchestrate the event on Saturday. There will be 13 topics presented.

Audit Report (Doug Bradetich)
Doug Bradetich reviewed the report with the Committee. All items were in order.

Web Page Discussion
At the next quarterly meeting the Executive Committee will review the costs related to the website maintenance and updates. Administrator Savannah Miller will investigate having a presence on social media (Facebook) and having an Idaho page on the National Website to update Tree Farm members and Prospects.

Reminder: Fall Idaho Tree Farm Tour at Wood Family Tree Farm – September 10, 2016

10. Other Business / Next Meeting Date
Next meeting date is set for July 21, 2016, with the location to be decided.

Chris Schnepf informed the committee that 20 people have signed up for the Master Forest Stewards program.

11. Adjournment
Chair Funk adjourned the meeting at 12:36 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Savannah Miller
ITFC Administrator

Newsletter Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Idaho Tree Farm Program
204 E. Sherman Ave. • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 • (T) 208.667.4641 • (F) 208.664.0557 •

Idaho Tree Farm Program Annual Meeting

• Chair – Steve Funk
Edge Creek Tree Farm (T) 208.661.0644

• Vice Chair – Russ Hegedus
Idaho Forest Group (T) 208.255.3250

• Treasurer – Steve Cuvala
Idaho Dept. of Lands (T) 208.245.4551
• Administrator – Savannah Miller
ID Tree Farm Program (T) 208.667.4641
District Chairs:

• District 1 Chair – Andy Eckberg Idaho Forest Group (T) 208.255.3276
• District 2 Chair – Tim Schaffer Bennett Lumber Products
(T) 208.819.1214
• District 3 Chair – John Lillehaug
All About Forestry (T) 208.630.4076
Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year 2016
The Wood Family of Sandpoint, ID
The annual meeting of our Idaho Tree Farm Program was held the first night of the 2016 Family
Forest Landowners & Managers Conference & Exposition on March 28 in Moscow. We have had a very good
turnout for the event the past several years and this one was no exception. Committee Chair Steve
Funk gave a recap of the happenings from 2015, most notably the audit review of our certified Tree
Farm Program. Only a very few items of improvement were noted by the auditors and our Idaho
management plans were praised as some of the best they had seen nationwide. A big “thank you” to
all the Inspectors and Tree Farmers that took part in this time consuming but worthwhile process.

The high point of our annual meeting is the presentation of awards for our Outstanding Idaho Tree
Farmer, Inspector, and Logger of the Year. This year we are very pleased to announce the Wood
Family of Sandpoint as our Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year! Jim and Virginia Wood, their
five children, and an ever growing extended family are long established members of the northern
Idaho area. Virginia’s family first homesteaded in the Gold Creek area northeast of Sandpoint just
prior to 1920, with Jim’s folks making their way there around 1940. Much of the country was cut
over and bleak in those days, but a lifetime of care and good stewardship has made it a beautiful
place to work & live today. As the family grew, they have continually added to their land base in
an effort to keep everyone together and engaged. Operations today include not only timberland, but
also cattle ranching, agriculture, commercial meat processing, road construction, a guest ranch,
and a community grade school. Wildlife is abundant throughout their ownership and care is taken to
protect the riparian areas. One item that greatly impressed the nomination committee

The Wood Family accepting their award for 2016 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year

Page 2 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program 2016 Annual Meeting (continued
from page 1)
was the family’s involvement in the Forest Legacy Program. As a testament to their dedication of
keeping the land intact for future generations, in 2009 they placed 640 acres of timberland in the
Forest Legacy Program to be forever managed as a working forest. What a wonderful gift to give to
those generations to come! Congratulations to the entire family and we look forward to having a
great turnout this coming September at our Fall Tour on the Wood Family Tree Farms.
Also recognized at our awards program is the recipient for Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Inspector of
the Year. Our Inspecting Foresters are a very crucial part of the Tree Farm Program and the award
this year went to Robert Barkley. Robert is with the Idaho Department of Lands, working out of the
Ponderosa Area Office. For the past 15 years he has been not only one of our most diligent and hard
working Inspectors, but also served continuously during that period as our District 2 Chair. During
our recent program audit he took the lead in working with the various Tree Farmers and other
Inspectors to ensure the southern half of our audit sites were properly prepared and ready for
inspection. He has been a familiar site for many years at countless field tours, clinics, landowner
conferences and other outreach activities. Though he has taken a very well deserved break and
stepped down as our District 2 Chair, he has pledged to remain an active part of our Idaho Tree
Farm Program. Thanks for all you have done and continue
to do for Tree Farming, Robert!
Luke (L) and Gary (R) Finney –
Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Loggers of the Year
Robert Barkley –
Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Inspector of the Year
When it comes down to boots in the dirt, a logging job is only as good as the logger on the site.
Our recipient for Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Logger of the Year went to Gary and Luke Finney of
Harrison. The Finney family has been involved in logging for many years and is well known for the
fine job they do working with private landowners. During the field inspections the nomination
committee was very impressed with both their utilization of harvested material as well as the care
they give to the residual stand. Road work, culverts, water barring and slash management are all
well above par. To them, doing that little bit extra is just part of doing the job right and we
greatly appreciate their efforts. It has been said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in
this case it applies very well. Luke’s father, the late Jack Finney, and Gary’s brother Paul
Finney, were also recognized as our Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Logger of the Year some years back.
Nice job keeping the legacy going guys!

Page 3 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program
Forest Health Issues – Drought, Winter Storms, El Niño and Bark Beetles
Tom Eckberg, Idaho Dept of Lands Entomologist

The 2015 drought and warm El Niño weather made things difficult for trees in Idaho, and we are
seeing some of the effects now. Bark beetles often attack trees that are experiencing stress, and a
moisture deficit through the growing season stressed many trees last year. Ponderosa and lodgepole
pine mortality began to be observed in November, especially on drier exposures. Western pine beetle
and pine engraver were often found infesting the same stands. Damage was often worse in overstocked
stands. Some trees that were attacked last year are just now starting to fade to yellow and red.
Many small diameter grand fir and Douglas-fir trees have been turning red since at least November
in northern Idaho. Many have been growing on thin, rocky soils where the effects of the drought are
even more pronounced. Some trees may have been killed by the drought alone, but bark beetles are
also taking advantage of the stress. Fir engraver (Scolytus ventralis) is commonly found on grand
fir growing on drier sites. Secondary bark beetles have been found on small diameter Douglas-fir,
and in the branches of larger trees. In Douglas-fir, these secondary bark beetles (some with no
common names) cannot compete with Douglas-fir beetle, so they attack smaller trees, or in the tops
or branches of larger trees.
We expect the infested acres of fir engraver, western pine beetle and pine engraver to increase
during the 2016 Aerial Detection Survey due to the effects of the drought.
Wind and winter damage was severe in many parts of Idaho in 2015. High winds downed many trees in
November, and heavy snow loads toppled trees in December and later. Two bark beetles are of
particular concern when green, damaged pines or Douglas-fir are present in the spring; pine
engraver (Ips pini) and Douglas-fir beetle (Dendroctonus pseudotsugae). Pine engraver is already
infesting green slash in the Coeur d’Alene area.
Pine engraver eggs being laid now will develop into adults that emerge in June or July to attack
standing trees. Douglas-fir beetle will be flying soon to attack down Douglas-fir, but new adults
will not emerge from these trees until this time next year. There is still time to salvage the
damaged pine before the new adults emerge in the summer. Infested Douglas-fir is not as time
sensitive, so it can be removed before the snow flies. On both pines and Douglas-fir, look on the
bark for piles of boring dust or frass to confirm if the tree is infested. Adult galleries will be
seen under the bark.

Grand fir poles killed by fir engraver near Harrison, March 30, 2016 (L). Small diameter GF killed
by fir engraver near Santa, November 17, 2015 (R).

Page 4 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program 2016 Forest Owners Field Day
Saturday, June 25th – Orofino, ID
The Forest Owners Field Day is a fun and informative opportunity for you to get together with other
family forest owners and improve your forestry knowledge and skill set. Experts from all across
the forestry spectrum will be leading workshops on items including forest insects & diseases,
logging safety, wildlife habitat, thinning & pruning your stand, reforestation, marketing your
logs, and much more. Regardless of whether you own a small tract or large, or whether you are a
greenhorn or an old hand, there is something of interest for everyone. The event is open to your
entire family; both young & old are welcomed. Pre-registration by June 17th is $20 per person or
$30 for a family of 2 or more. Registration at the gate is $30 per person or $40 for a family of 2
or more.
Event Timing – Gates will open at 8:00 AM, Presentations will be held through the morning at 9:00,
10:00, and 11:00 AM; and in the afternoon at 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 PM.
Lunch – A catered lunch will be available for $10 with a deli sandwich, chips, cookie, and soda or
water (must be ordered no later than June 17), or feel free to bring your own picnic lunch.
Site Logistics – Walking short distances over nearly-level forested terrain is required. Portable
restrooms, drinking water, coffee, and refreshments are available on-site. Some seating is provided
at the stations and lunch area, but bring a camp chair if you have one. On-site non-hookup RV or
tent camping is available. For permission call (208) 476-7364. Be sure to dress for the weather and
wear sturdy footwear.
Directions – From the Orofino Bridge (Milepost 44 on Idaho 12), proceed East across bridge, turn
left onto Hwy 7, proceed North on Hwy 7 for ~0.1 miles, and turn right onto the Dent Bridge Road.
After 1.1 miles pass by the Lake View Road on your left. After 4.6 miles stay left, avoiding the
Wells Bench Road. After 4.9 miles stay right avoiding the Twin Ridge Road. At mile marker 11.1,
turn left onto Loseth Road, travel ~1.3 miles and turn left through green gate w/Tree Farm sign. Go
~.5 miles south to parking area. Follow the Forest Owner Field Day signs!
Registration – Register by June 17, 2016 to: Idaho Forest Owners Association, P.O. Box 1257, Coeur
d’Alene, ID 83816-1257. For questions or more info email to or phone
Upcoming Events on the Extension Forestry Calendar
The University of Idaho Extension Forestry Program does a wonderful job providing classes and
training for landowners. Here are just a few of the upcoming events they are offering:
Pruning to Restore White Pine – June17, 2016 in Sandpoint Thinning & Pruning Field Day – June 18,
2016 in Plummer Forest Shrubs Field Day – July 8, 2016 in Coeur d’Alene
Forest Insects & Disease Field Day – July 15, 2016 in Bonners Ferry

For a complete list of events log onto or contact:

Chris Schnepf (208)-446-1680 Bill Warren (208-476-4434)
Randy Brooks (208)-885-7718 (Coeur d’Alene)
(Orofino) (Moscow)

Page 5 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program Idaho Tree Farm Program – Member
Outreach Efforts
When we voted last year to remain as a Certified Tree Farm Program, a couple requirements given us
by the National ATFS office were to ensure all members are reinspected within the 6 year standard
and that our database is current & correct. In order to help facilitate this we will be sending
out a post card sized mailer very soon asking some basic information about you and your Tree Farm.
We will eventually contact all our members, but will begin with the most long standing Tree Farmers
that show in our database as not having been reinspected in excess of 6 years.
When you receive your mailer there will be just a few basic questions. First, do you wish to remain
in the American Tree Farm system? If so, do you have a management plan? If you have a plan, is it
up to the current 2016-2020 Standards? Do you want to have an Inspector contact you?
Pretty simple and painless, but it will be a big help to us in cleaning up the database. The
return portion of the card will already have postage on it, so all you need to do is check the
appropriate boxes and pop it back in the mail to us. We all know that as the years go by parcels
are sold or added, family members pass away, and contact information sometimes changes. Ultimately,
we want to be sure we are properly serving you as Tree Farmers and that no one slips through the
cracks. Be watching for your card and please take a few moments to help us stay current and in
compliance with the requirements of our certification program. Thanks and we will be in touch!

Project Learning Tree Update
Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an award-winning environmental education program designed for
teachers and other educators, parents, and community leaders working with youth from preschool
through grade 12. Like the American Tree Farm System, PLT is also a program of the American Forest
Foundation that uses the forest as a window on the world, engaging the next generation of America’s
thought-leaders and decision makers.

Here are some of the upcoming PLT Professional Development Workshop Classes in Idaho:

Walk in the Forest – June 9/10 – Idaho City (camping available but not required) Focus on
Literature with WILD, WET and PLT – June 14/15 – Boise
Wildfires & Weeds – June 28/29 – Moscow
Focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) – July 21/22 – Lewiston or Cd’A Wildfires &
Weeds – July 25/26 – Boise
Focus on Literature with WILD, WET and PLT – August 3/4 – Post Falls Project Learning Tree –
October 21/22 – Boise

More classes are to be scheduled, check the website for the latest information.
Visit or call 208-334-4061
New Chairman for District 2
We are pleased to welcome Tim Schaffer as our new Chairman for District 2. Tim is with Bennett
Lumber Products in Princeton and will make a great addition to our Idaho Tree Farm Program. His
contact information is listed on the cover sheet if any of you wish to touch base or help welcome
him aboard.

Page 6 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program

Events to Highlight

May 12, 2016 – Idaho State Forestry Contest, Delay Farms, Careywood, ID

June 25, 2016 – Forest Owners Field Day, Orofino, ID

July 21, 2016 – Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting, CDA, ID

Sept 10, 2016 – Idaho Tree Farm Program Fall Tour, Wood Family Tree Farm, Sandpoint, ID
Stay Informed…..
In case you are ever wondering what is going on at the committee level, our Minutes are now being
posted on the Idaho Tree Farm Program website. Just log onto our website for Minutes of previous
sessions, contact information, upcoming events, and other news of note to help you in your Tree
Farm endeavors.
We’re on the Web!
Learn more at:

About Our Organization…
The purpose of the Idaho Tree Farm Program is to promote better forest management among
nonindustrial forest owners. The vehicle for achieving this aim is the American Tree Farm System®
(ATFS), sponsored nationally by the American Forest Foundation (AFF), state wide by the Idaho SFI
State Implementation Committee (SFI SIC), and administered by the Idaho Tree Farm Committee (State

Welcome New Members!
The Idaho Tree Farm Committee extends a special welcome to the 61 newest Idaho Tree Farm Program’s
certified members. Thank you to the District Chairs and Inspecting Foresters for promoting
membership in the Idaho Tree Farm Program through the American Tree Farm System®.

As a current member, and a steward of the land, we appreciate your current support of the program
and your management of the forestland for pride and pleasure. Thank you for your continued
commitment to protecting watersheds and wildlife habitat, conserving soil and, at the same time,
producing the wood America needs and uses.

Tree Farm Member Acreage County
Inspecting Forester
Matthew Henningsen 960 Teton
Matthew Engberg
John Knous 40
Kootenai Diane Partridge
Dennis Mayer 19
Clearwater Chris Gerhart
Nick Albers 216
Clearwater Chris Gerhart
Rich Monteith 183
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Bear Tree Farm 64
Kootenai Gary Hess
Xann-Shapella Smith 30 Bonner
Tim Kyllo
Mike Westhoff 37
Idaho Clark Christiansen
JeAnn Willson 93
Nez Perce Clark Christiansen
Jere Watson 384
Lewis Clark Christiansen
Oxbow Ranch LLC 2712 Idaho
Clark Christiansen
Mike Johnson 16
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Tim Brown 35
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Mike Sowders 21
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Brian Daniels 15
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Richard Brown 19
Bonner Russ Hegedus
William McCann Jr 2020 Lewis
Clark Christiansen
Neil Wimberley 27
Bonner Tim Kyllo
David Schunke 75
Valley John Lillehaug
IFG Timber Runge #1 Tree Farm 433 Kootenai
Tim Kyllo
Keith Olson 170
Latah Gary Hess
Eric Braunstein 10
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Clint Gray 30
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Spencer Hutchings 52
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Matthew Anthony 12
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Richard Rago 60
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Freda Campbell 19
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Pamela Hodaka 40
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Jake Hansen 13
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Pat Mason 73
Latah Gary Hess
Susan Degro 19
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Chris Courser 43
Bonner Tim Kyllo
IFG Timber Chilco Tree Farm 86 Kootenai
Tim Kyllo
IFG Timber Runge #2 Tree Farm 43 Kootenai
Tim Kyllo
Tom Martin 32
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Lloyd Wallace 19
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Larry Boyer / Boyer Ranch 840 Clearwater
Clark Christiansen
Bethany Ranch Home 67 Boundary
Tim Kyllo
Edward Tubbs 19
Kootenai Tim Kyllo

Page 7 of 7 Idaho Tree Farm Program
Welcome New Members (Continued from Page 6)
Tree Farm Member Acreage County
Inspecting Forester
Julie Ernest 94
Bonner Van Smith
Oxley Deep Creek, Inc 40
Boundary Tim Kyllo
Robert Reineke 28
Clearwater Chris Gerhart
Archie George 60
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Robert Tanner 40
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Roman Poplawski 19
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Patricia Hart 75
Boundary Tim Kyllo
James Jacobsen 38
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Russell Keyser 15
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Maryann Boseth 21
Bonner Tim Kyllo
Gene Soper 10
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
James and Elvina Doyle Family Trust 10 Kootenai
Tim Kyllo
Robert Young 10
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Phillip Henry 10
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Sean Rogers 10
Kootenai Tim Kyllo
Mitch Belzak 30
Kootenai Tim Kyllo Carothers Mirror Lake Campground Tree Farm 10
Bonner Tim Kyllo Ted Leach
137 Clearwater Chris Gerhart
James Sharman TF3538 10 Bonner
Tim Kyllo
James Sharman TF3539 10 Bonner
Tim Kyllo
James Sharman TF3540 20 Bonner
Tim Kyllo
James Sharman TF3541 37 Bonner
Tim Kyllo
Congratulations once again to our
2016 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year! Make Plans to attend the Fall Tour on September

ITFC Meeting Minutes January 2016

Idaho Tree Farm Committee Meeting
9:30 – 12:00, Thursday, January 21, 2016
Idaho Department of Lands
3284 West Industrial Loop, Coeur d’Alene ID 83815


1) Call to Order
ITFC Chair Funk called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.
Those present were:
Steve Funk, ITFC Chairman/NOTFOY
Russ Hegedus, ITFC Vice Chair/Tree Farmer
Steve Cuvala, ITFC Treasurer/Tree Farmer
Madeline David, ITFC Acting Secretary/Tree Farmer
G. Kirk David, ITFC Inspector Training & Recognition/Tree Farmer
Andy Eckberg, ITFC District I Chair
John Lillehaug, ITFC District III Chair
Doug Bradetich, ITFC Past Chair/IFG
Ara Andrea, IDL
Steve Bloedel, Consulting Forester
Mary Fritz, IDL
Ray Getchius, Tree Farmer
Robert Keefe, UI College of Natural Resources
Kurt Koetter, Tree Farmer
Joe Larson, Stimson Lumber Co., proxy for David Brummer
Dave Luther, Inspector
Excused: Frank Gariglio, USDA-NRCS, Savannah Miller, ITFP Administrator, David Brummer Stimson Lumber Co
Unexcused: Gretchen Lech, SFI

2) Anti-Trust Statement
Chair Funk reviewed the anti-trust statement.

3) October Meeting Minutes
With a correction by John Lillehaug, changing the word Duck to the word Trout, under Old Business, Doug Bradetich moved and John Lillehaug seconded to accept the Minutes from the October, 2015 meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

4) 2015/16 Treasurer Reports/Budget Review
A) Steve Cuvala gave the Treasurer’s Report and Past Chair Bradetich reviewed the 2015 budget against actual income and expenditures as of December 31, 2015. Cash balance was $7,191.17 as of January 1, 2015. The 2015 Year-end balance and beginning balance as of January 1, 2016 was $20,523.32. The cash balance as of January 19, 2016 is $20,487.47. Kirk David moved to file both the December 31, 2015 and the January 19, 2016 Treasurers reports for review. The motion was seconded by John Lillehaug. The motion passed unanimously.
B) The Financial Review Committee will meet prior to the April meeting to review the 2015 financial reports.
C) Past Chair Bradetich will apportion OTFY sign costs differently and will route the revised budget to the Committee by email for final approval.

A) 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Update. Vice Chair Hegedus talked informally with an attorney regarding first steps to accomplish this goal. The attorney asked if ITFP would qualify as a subsidiary of the parent ATFS 501(c)(3). From past conversations with ATFS, it is the understanding of the Committee that this is not possible. Russ will further explore the legal and accounting costs associated with applying for non-profit status.
B) Replacing District II Chair: To date, no one who has been asked has accepted the District II Chair position. Rob Keefe will talk with Tom Biltonen at Bennett Lumber for suggestions.
C) Tree Farm Yearly Membership Charge: The Research Committee (Mary Fritz, Steve Bloedel, Russ Hegedus) has not yet met. Discussion revolved around the existing large backlog of inspections. The immediate focus of the Committee changed to exploration of a postcard mailing to determine which backlogged Tree Farmers still wish to remain Tree Farmers and if so, do they have forest management plans. The Research Committee will meet and report back.
D) Nomination of Oscar Baumhoff for Regional Tree Farmer of the Year. The Committee confirmed the nomination. John Lillehaug and Tim Kennedy ( are assembling the application. Kirk David and Bill Love will email past applications to John and Tim to help them with content and format. The deadline for submission is February 1.
E) Confirmation of Idaho Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year and Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Logger of the Year.
1. The Committee confirmed the choice of the Wood Family as the 2016 Outstanding Idaho Tree Farmer of the Year.
2. The Committee confirmed the choice of Gary and Luke Finney as the 2016 Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Logger(s) of the Year.

A) Idaho Outstanding Tree Farm Inspector of the Year. Kirk David nominated Robert Barkley as IOTFIOY both for the inspections performed in 2015 and for his 15 year service as District II Chair. Steve Cuvala seconded the nomination and the Committee affirmed the nomination with a unanimous vote.
B) ATFS National Leadership Conference, February 10-12 in Seattle. ITFC will be represented by Steve & Janet Funk, Kirk & Madeline David, Russ Hegedus, Andy Eckberg, and Savannah Miller.
C) ITFP Annual Meeting, March 28, in Moscow. The ITFP meeting will include appetizers prior to the award presentations and business meeting. There is no room charge by the Best Western for the meeting, but Savannah will need to order the food for the meeting. Chair Funk will determine if Savannah plans to attend the FFLC and to “man” the ITFP display. Due to the anticipated late hour, consideration is being given to a “dessert and champagne/wine” event rather than a full dinner for the awardees following the meeting.
D) ATFS/ITFP MOU: The version before the Committee contains negotiated changes requested by the ITF Executive Committee in the time period since the MOU was sent to us in November 2015. Ara Andrea cautioned this MOU is a contract, a commitment to perform. Discussion revolved around Page 1, Number I, bullet point 3, Verifying landowners’ management under the ATFS Standards of Sustainability. The concern is that the ITFP does not have the Inspector capacity to bring all Tree Farmers into a 5-year rotating compliance. Chair Funk will contact ATFS Vicki Leigh to ask directly the consequence of signing this contract and then not being able to perform this requirement. The Committee approved the remainder of the MOU.
E) 2016 ATFS Required Inspections have not yet been determined. ITFP has fifty-eight 2016 six-year optional inspections to perform. This does not take into consideration the much larger backlog of optional inspections pending for ID. Implementation of a “postcard program” will be an effort to clean up some of this backlog.

A) Administrator Hours: Making progress with database cleanup may well require more administrator hours than currently funded by SFI-SIC. Chair Funk will work with Past Chair Bradetich to craft a request for at least temporary increased funding to be presented at the SIC’s February 5 meeting. ITFC may also need to contribute funds for extra hours of the Administrator’s time.
B) Forestry Day at the Legislature: John Lillehaug reported that FDAL was much better attended by legislators (approximately 80) this year. John, Oscar Baumhoff, Debra Marks, Bonnie Fry and Ed Koch represented both ITFP and IFOA. Displays were more visible because they were placed at the front of the room. John suggested that next year brochures/information be placed on the lunch tables to make them more available to the attendees.
C) One Plan Update: Mary Fritz requested an ITFC volunteer to help review the One Plan (Stewardship/NRCS/Tree Farm) Template. Past Chair Bradetich volunteered.
D) FORI: Mary Fritz asked for guidance as to what ITFP wants from IDL and/or ILRCC regarding FORI. The ensuing discussion helped Mary narrow down the issues, and she will do further research to see what information IDL can provide.

8) Next Meeting & Adjournment
The next meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2016 at a location to be announced.
The meeting was adjourned by Chair Funk at 11:47 AM.

1) Financial Review Committee will meet to review the records prior to April 21, 2016
2) Chair Funk and Past Chair Bradetich will circulate a revised 2016 budget by email for approval.
3) Vice Chair Hegedus will explore the legal and accounting costs of 501(c)(3) application.
4) Rob Keefe will talk with Tom Biltonen regarding a potential District II chair.
5) The Membership Research Committee will plan implementation of a post card update campaign.
6) Administrator Miller will order refreshments for the ITFP annual meeting.
7) Chair Funk will speak with ATFS representative Vicki Leigh regarding the MOU wording and responsibilities.
8) When the Required Inspections are announced by ATFS, Administrator Miller will immediately notify the District Chairs of the inspections in their districts.
9) Chair Funk and Past Chair Bradetich will prepare a presentation for SFI SIC for funding of the ITFC Administrator.
10) Chair Funk will confirm with Administrator Miller that she will attend the Annual Meeting.

Submitted by Madeline David
ITFC Acting Secretary